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Be Emotionally Fit, College Guide 

With all the social media influencers showing us their toned bodies and their perfect curves, we always aim to be physically fit. But have you ever considered taking care of your emotional well-being? The reality is, it’s as important as your physical health. In fact, it’s probably more important than your façade.  

We do understand, however, that as a college student, you have a lot of things going on. And perhaps, you might not have the time to take care of your emotional health. This is what this post is all about. We are going to share with you a number of practical tips on how you can stay emotionally fit even while you are still studying in college.  

Be More Self Aware  

One of the first things that you have to consider is your own feelings. Take note that what triggers other people might not have the same effect on you. Whenever you feel sad or depressed, try to identify what are the core reasons for you to feel that way. That’s one of the best things you can do right now so you can specifically address the issues.  

Don’t Keep Your Feelings Within  

When you are bothered, say, for example, a close friend or a family member offended you. You don’t have to bottle it all up. Instead, open your lines of communication and be honest with the other person who offended you.  

Of course, this is not to say that you have to be aggressive. But you have to explain your point and try to educate them that what they did hurt you. Likewise, you have to be open to their feedback as well, because who knows if they’re just trying to help you, and what’s only wrong is the manner of doing it.  

Also, you have to pause. This is important if you want to manage your emotions. Sometimes, we are too caught up with our feelings, and before you know it, you have hurt other people, and you’ve hurt yourself as well.  

Don’t Forget To Stay Active  

Staying physically active is also one of the best ways you can be emotionally fit. Science has it that when you work out or do intense physical activities, you release happy hormones or endorphins. Essentially, you will feel better and in the long run, you will feel more confident about yourself. Thereby, reducing the risk of getting sad or getting depressed.  

Find Time To Do What You Love  

Even if your schedule is hectic, we still encourage you to find time for your passion. For example, do you love to dance? Then maybe a quick 20-minute dance workout will help you. Do you miss singing? Then why don’t you invite your friends on a Friday night to do karaoke with you? If you like to paint, then look for workshops online where you can hone your skills.  

What matters most is that you don’t drown yourself in your textbooks and academics. You need to find the right balance if you want to be emotionally fit.  

Always Find Ways To Connect With Others 

When you are feeling down, it’s always a great idea to connect with your friends and loved ones. If you are studying miles away from your family, then having a virtual call will do you good.  

Now, if you have friends in your university, you can ask if they are not busy so they could come with you to the park or to the mall. Try to talk to them, and if they are willing to listen, share your thoughts. You would be surprised that just by opening your feelings, it could create a drastic change to your mood

Try To Remain Positive  

We know this is easier said than done. But if you try to practice being grateful, even for the little things that you have, you will feel better. And even if there are unforeseen and negative things that come your way, you know that these will be over and that you can bounce back from it once again.  

Seek Professional Help  

If you believe you are doing what you can to improve your mood yet nothing really happens, what you can do is to seek professional help. There is nothing to be embarrassed when you look for an expert to help you deal with your emotions. 

Just so you know our emotions are complex, and sometimes an expert is needed so we could understand what is happening to us. You have to acknowledge that you might need help. Otherwise, you will never get better.  

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