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Be a College Vlogger, What are the Benefits

Starting a vlog is easy nowadays. YouTube is already an established platform where you can upload your videos. You can even start shooting using a mid-tiered smartphone. And let’s not forget that a lot of editing software is available today. But of course, maintaining your vlog is another issue. It will certainly eat up time and effort. So some of you might think that this is not ideal for a college student juggling exams, reports, social life, and possibly romantic relationships. While a bit challenging, this shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love.  

If you are thinking of starting your own college vlog, we are here to support you. If done right, it’s going to help you in the long run. However, if you are still having doubts about creating your own channel, then we have reasons to help you decide faster. 

It Builds Your Brand Online 

In some of our articles, we’ve already mentioned the importance of building your online portfolio. It would be your leverage once you step out of the university and start looking for job opportunities. Apart from your resume and cover letter, your online presence provides value, and employers will get to know you even more. 

Take note that hiring managers are now using the technology to probe more on their candidates. If they see that you are already providing value through your videos, then they would be more eager to welcome you onboard. 

It Opens Room for Creativity

When creating videos, you also practice creativity. You have to think of your storyline and even edit it after. These are all essential skills that you can add to your credentials. Again, it’s another advantage when you apply for a job in the future.   

It Develops Discipline and Time Management Skills

As we’ve already shared, maintaining a vlog is not an easy feat. Considering your busy schedule, you need to be disciplined and to manage your time. At some point, you might miss some college parties so you can start editing your videos. 

But if you are going to look at it using a different perspective, you learn and develop more skills. You start knowing which things to prioritize, and you naturally strive to maximize your time. These little challenges can help you prepare for the real work outside the university.

On average, it will take two hours to finish a 10-minute video. Some are even doing it for days, depending on what you like. Thus, patience is also tested and forged when you vlog.     

It Immortalizes College Memories 

You might not appreciate this now, but vlogging can help you relive memories. Remember how your parents would record home videos every Thanksgiving and replay it during family gatherings? While it is embarrassing to see yourself doing crazy stints as a kid, the feeling of going back in time is priceless. 

The same thing applies when you document your college memories through videos. It’s not just making content for others, but for yourself as well. 

It Expands Your Network 

As early as now, you should start building your network. And so apart from going to events, joining clubs, and attending conferences, you can take advantage of technology and social media. Since most people love to watch videos, creating good content can spark one’s interest. Make it engaging enough so that people will like, comment, and share your videos.   

You Can Help Other College Students

We know that college life, while exciting, can be exhausting. Back then, we didn’t have many resources to help us cope with a new environment. But with your videos, you can help students deal with their issues by providing real-life solutions. However, you always need to add a disclaimer that your solution may not be applicable to all students. You need to be responsible as other people are literally watching you. 

Vlogging Can Be a Good Source of Income 

Vlogging can be a lucrative source of income. If you are in college, you have a huge following, and you love creating content, then making videos or vlogging could be a way to earn extra. Take note that this is not an overnight success. Sometimes, it can take months or even years to get traction.

It doesn’t really matter if you get a huge following or not. In fact, the number of subscribers should be the least of your concerns. What matters most is that you consistently create video and provide value.  Do what you love and you will certainly reap the rewards. 


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