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Awesome Places to Study for Your Next Exam

They always say that where you study plays a crucial role to fully understand your lessons. We couldn’t agree more. Apparently, doing it in overly crowded places with a noisy background isn’t going to help you. 

So over the years, we’ve tried all the places to study and gathered the best ones where you can focus. However, please note that there are different types of learners. A good place for us might seem too dull or too much for you. So, know yourself and see where you can generally function better. 

The Library for Conservative Learners

This is already obvious, but libraries would still be the top choice if you want to study. What we love about it is that it conditions you to focus. Plus, there are lesser distractions, and you are expected to stay quiet. 

You also have a lot of free resources like books, magazines, and other publications. Having said that, you can quickly check your lessons or cross-reference it for better understanding.

There are several libraries right now that have in-house coffee shops and offer cozy seating areas. If you are the type of person who’s intimidated by the ‘classic’ layout of libraries, things have changed, and you will probably enjoy it now.    

Your Room for Superior Comfort 

Other learners would rather stay in their own homes or dormitories to study. This is good too if you want to lie down or take a quick shower during your study breaks. However, the danger of studying here is that there could be a lot of distractions. Think about your TV, noisy dormmates, comfortable bed, or even your fridge filled with snacks. So, if you are planning to study in your room, make sure to have a dedicated space. Discipline is also essential so you will not give in to these distractions. 

The Outdoors for the Adventurers

If you feel that studying in a closed space is too much for you, then we encourage you to try it outside. You can go to the park or even use your university’s open spaces. 

Some say that studying outdoors is effective for several reasons. You get to feel the fresh air, have Vitamin D, and it even promotes mental clarity. We’ve seen a lot of university students doing the same, and they seem to be less stressed when they review on school grounds. It’s also a good venue if you are having a group study because you can talk louder compared to doing it in libraries. 

Bookstores and Coffeeshops for a More Relaxed Vibe 

Other students could process thoughts better when they hear minimal ‘noise.’ In this case, bookstores or coffeeshops are good places to study. It’s not too loud, yet you won’t hear crickets as well. 

Recently, there’s a surge of college students spending more time in coffee shops to review their lessons. This is not surprising considering that the mere smell of coffee is known to improve one’s focus. 

Tutoring Centers for Additional Help 

And if you are having a hard time with your subjects, going to tutoring centers is always a brilliant idea. Here, you can ask for professional help and increase the likelihood of passing the exam. Remember, even college students need help. There’s nothing wrong about asking for guidance in terms of understanding a particular lesson. 

Other than the locations mentioned above, you can try unusual places as well. It could be your school’s hallway, an empty classroom, hotel lobbies, laundromats, and even computer labs. What matters most is that you can focus on your reading and understand all the concepts to prepare for your exam. Also, you don’t have to stick to one study area. You can try out different places every time as this can help you gain another perspective as well.  

More than the actual location itself, you should consider certain factors as well. If you choose a study area, make sure that the temperature is good enough. According to studies, and of course, based on experience, it is better to stay in a cool area so you can focus more. The lighting should be ideal too. Bright ones could cause eye strain and can easily make you tired. Generally, most suggest using natural light or something that could simulate such.

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