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Attending College While Battling Mental Illness 

Recently, it was found out that a lot of college students are suffering from mental illness. And this is never good news because it’s detrimental to one’s productivity and it could certainly take a toll on holistic health. 

If you think you are suffering from it, you must consult a professional. That way, you can already manage the condition. And at the same time, focus on your schoolwork 

This post is for you as we want to help college students who are battling mental illnesses, specifically depression.  

Depression is something apparent and rampant in college students because of different reasons. It could be because of their studies, their personal relationship, and even their funds. And as someone who is still relatively young, these problems may be too much to handle.  

Remember that depression is not just feeling sad. It is serious but can be treated. And so, if you feel you are suffering from this, do not be ashamed to get help.  

Symptoms of Depression  

There are different symptoms that you have to watch out for. This includes a lack of appetite. or you are disinterested in the things that you loved before. You also do not want to talk to your friends or your families. Plus, you cannot sleep, and your weight fluctuates drastically. And worst, you might have this feeling that you want to end your life.  

How do you deal with this? Read on to learn more.


As we’ve said, it is important that you talk to a professional about your condition. Fortunately, in most campuses, they could offer help right away.  

Do not be afraid to ask if these services are available. Most of the time, these are for free, so you don’t have to worry about the cost involved. It’s also important that you choose the right therapists for your condition. If you can trust them well enough to share your stories, then that’s good.  


While psychotherapy works, it is not for all types of depression. Sometimes, your professional health care provider might recommend that you take medications. This depends on the severity of your depression. Make sure to listen to them right now as they know what’s best for you.  

Be Mindful  

It is important that you appreciate what is present.  

Since most college students are busy, they’re always thinking ahead. They think about their commitments, their deadlines, and their exams. With this, they tend not to appreciate what is happening right now. Remember, the present is equally as important.  

Practicing being mindful is not as easy as 123. You might need to learn how to properly meditate. Good thing because a lot of people can help you with this. In fact, there are meditation apps wherein you are provided with guides on how to properly do it. 


When we say ecotherapy, you are spending more time with nature. There are studies that being with nature could help your condition. More often than not, campuses are built on amazing locations where there are greeneries. 

Half an hour of walking around your campus surrounded by trees should do you good. Or perhaps, pack your bags during the weekend and go for a hike.  

Start Exercising  

We understand that for someone who’s depressed, working out might be challenging. So here’s what we propose to you. Instead of taking the bus to your campus, why don’t you just walk?  

What matters most is that you try to move around. Such could release happy hormones which could essentially affect your mood.  

Be More Social  

One of the reasons why many college students are depressed is because everything seems like a new lifestyle for them. It’s their first time moving away from their home and they don’t have a lot of friends. 

If this is something that you could relate to, then it’s about time that you strengthen your social connections. We encourage you to look for organizations or clubs where you could join. Spend time with them and soon you would realize that college life isn’t as bad as you think it is.  

Stay Away From Drugs And Alcohol  

Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs are available, most especially to college students. And as much as it is tempting to try these out, never give in. You are just going to make your problems worse.  

These things will never help you. Yes, you might forget your problems temporarily. But in the long run, it could have a drastic effect on your life.  

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