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At Last, The Secret To Getting The Interview Is Revealed. A Student Guide

When you’re ready to start interviewing for a career position, you will want to do everything possible to attract a prospective employer’s consideration. Although there are no magic formulas to make this happen, there are several steps you can take to improve your chances of being called for an interview. Here are some things that successful students do to get an interview for the job of their dreams.

Craft a Strong Resume

A resume and cover letter are your introduction to a company’s search committee, the HR director, or a manager who is looking to fill a specific job opening. The cover letter highlights a few credentials that meet the job description criteria. It also conveys a sense of your personality and business communication skills, including whether you know how to write an accurate and well-organized business letter with correct grammar. Your resume provides a summary of your education, work experience, and other achievements or skills that the employer may find useful for the position. Use a professional resume template to develop yours and proofread it several times before sending it out.

Recruit Solid References

The resume should include the names, business positions, and companies as well as contact information for three or four references. These individuals should have knowledge of your work history and basic character that you allow them to discuss with a potential employer. Choose people who are experts in your career field who have strong credentials as your allies to provide verbal reference statements, usually by phone or email. Be sure they agree to serve as references before listing them.

Showcase Your Academic Credentials

In addition to indicating your college field of study, the degree you are earning, and your grade point average, list specific courses that may equip you for a particular job opening. Tailor each job application by tweaking your resume in this way to accent courses, workshops, seminars, or other types of college experiences that have prepared you to work well in this type of position.

Line Up Valuable Experience

While still in college, look for opportunities that fit with your schedule of classes to perform volunteer work that will enhance your insight to your career field. For example, if you are studying social work, you may want to volunteer at a homeless shelter or a food bank. If you plan to be a doctor, you might donate time helping at a nursing home or a hospital. In addition to feeling good about helping others, this type of unpaid experience helps to prepare you for a future position and will likely impress prospective employers who want to hire accomplished and dedicated employees.

Make Yourself Readily Available

As you begin applying for jobs, include in your cover letter the best days and times for an interview. Be as available as you can, as employers seldom like to wait a week or two for an applicant to return from vacation or have time to meet with a company representative. Be prepared to answer questions about your background, and become familiar with the company’s website so you can ask questions as well as answer them.

An interview may be the one time you get to convince a company to hire you. Put your credentials in the best possible light through a stellar cover letter and resume. Then look your best in appearance and manners when invited to visit the company for an interview.

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