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At Last, The Secret To Getting An Internship Is Revealed. A Student Guide

While earning an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree may be enough to get you the job you want, many individuals find that prospective employers are also looking for experience in the people they hire. A fantastic way to gain experience during college is through an internship. In fact, many businesses offer internships that are specifically available for students. Even though most internships don’t pay, they will allow you to garner valuable experience that you can later place on your resume. This article offers a guide on what it takes to get an internship.

Determine What Your Career Goals Are

Before you start looking for an internship, it’s recommended that you determine what your career goals are. Even if you’re not 100 percent certain of what type of career you’re going to start once you’re out of college, it’s still important to narrow your focus, which will allow you to get into an internship that you can use when applying for a job. Make a list of the goals that you have for your career. Once this list has been created, look at the various jobs in the field that you’re interested in. With this criteria in hand, you should be able to identify one or more internships that will help you reach your career goals.

Ask for Help

The college or university that you attend should have a center for career development that you can visit and ask for assistance. They can help you locate potential internships in a specific field while also identifying new internship opportunities that you weren’t aware of. They may also be able to provide additional assistance in the form of interview tips or resume help.

Attend College Fairs

The majority of colleges will put on a college fair around once or twice every year. These fairs give businesses the opportunity to recruit students, which makes this the perfect place to go when searching for an internship. Make sure that you take your resume and are able to adequately highlight your skills during a conversation. You might also want to have some business cards on hand.

Prepare Application Materials

As touched upon previously, there are some key materials that you’ll want to have on hand when applying for an internship, the most important of which is a resume. This resume should be used to highlight your skills, your educational background, and your professional background. There are plenty of online templates that will help you create the perfect resume. A cover letter should be added to the resume as well, which will provide employers with a well-rounded picture of yourself. If you want to work in a more creative field like graphic design or photography, you should have an online portfolio that highlights the work you’ve done.

This guide should give you the information necessary to identify potential internships and get into the one that you’re interested in. If you’ve found several different internships that you would like to apply for, look at the feature-sets of each to narrow your options. In the meantime, make sure that you keep your college grades high. If you’re having difficulties balancing school life and an internship, one of our experts can assist you in taking your courses and completing the online exams that you’re tasked with taking.

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