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At Last, The Secret To Getting Accepted In Your Dream College Is Revealed

The biggest secret to getting into your dream college will be revealed at the end of this article, and it will be somewhat of a twist. In the meantime, there are many other secret tips to apply in order to get into your dream college. Let’s take a look at those secret tips.

1. Apply Early

According to a study by U.S. News and World Report, the average U.S. college receives 84,168 applicants per year. That makes it difficult to stand out. Simply by applying early, you are going to show that you’re eager to get into that school. Demonstrating interest plays a big role, which leads to the next secret tip.

2. Visit The College

Go the extra mile by visiting the campus before being accepted. Let them know you’re there by scheduling an optional interview and requesting a tour of the campus. The Admissions Office will take notice.

Colleges want a higher yield, which means a higher percentage of admitted students who enroll. If you show extra interest by visiting the campus, the college knows you are going to help them toward their goal.

3. Be You

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to let the college of your dreams know that you’re well-rounded and participate in a lot of different clubs and volunteer work. Almost all colleges want someone that will go on to do something special, and that is much more likely if you’re a specialist. This could mean a scientist, musician, athlete, or something else. Just remember that the college wants someone who has a deep passion in a specific area, not someone who is a jack of all trades. Therefore, be you and follow your passion and all will be well.

4. Get Good Grades

This one is obvious, and you’re probably sick of hearing it. It’s only being written here because it is a factor and to remind you to truly study hard to show the college of your dreams that you’re not a slacker.

If you show a combination of a high GPA, good scores on AP classes and tests, and a high SAT score, you increase your odds of getting in. That said, some colleges weigh grades more heavily than others.

5. Get a Letter Of Recommendation

Ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation, but make sure you provide them with a list of your accomplishments so they will include those accomplishments in the letter. This letter will show that you are making extra effort.

6. Scholarship Essay

Write a scholarship essay, but make it a story opposed to a list of facts. The college your applying to reads boring essays all the time. Remember, it’s important to stand out. Also make sure you have the essay proofread by someone with good writing and grammar skills.

7. Don’t Apply To Your Dream School

This is the big secret mentioned above. You might be confused by #7, but that’s why it’s always important to read on and never skim.

The biggest secret to getting into your dream college is to apply to three dream colleges opposed to one. Check out the following fact: 94% of freshmen are enrolled in one of their top three choices. By selecting three dream colleges instead of one, you significantly increase the chances that you will get what you want.

You might be thinking that you only have one dream college, but have you ever thought that a person was ‘the one’ and it turned out there was a better option? Do you only have one great restaurant where you live? Is there only one place you want to go on vacation? There is always more than one great option.

Researching and choosing three dream schools is going to be fun. If you end up at your third option of the three, that is meant to be. If you don’t get into your first option, there is a reason that happened, so don’t sweat it and go with the flow.

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