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Are You Ready To Leave College And Start Working For Real?

You are about to finish college – congratulations. And most probably, you are extremely excited to start working and earn some serious money. Well, we all went to that phase, and we know exactly how you feel. But before you accept any job offer, let’s try to give you an idea on how you can prepare for real work. What are the things you have to consider? Here’s a quick checklist to guide you.   

You Need to Unlearn and Learn New Concepts   

Yes, you’ve spent a few years to get a degree, but that doesn’t mean that you are all set and geared up to work. Quite the contrary, you will need to unlearn a lot of things and be able to accept new principles if you want to survive in the real world.  

This can be a harsh reality knowing that some of the theories and concepts you’ve learned from school are not being followed. However, do not ever think that it is useless. In some cases where you think the concepts can be applied, you can assertively propose changes. But don’t be too pushy and a know-it-all. You can be a game-changer without being too arrogant. It’s not an easy road to take though but could be worth a shot.    

You Abide by the Rules   

While the working environment seems to change over the years, and employers are more relaxed and flexible, being in the workforce means you have to abide by the rules. There are specific rulings and culture which you have to live by. And that is why it is important to look for a company that resonates your own values and culture. That way, you can work with passion and look at the same goals. Otherwise, every day would be a struggle knowing that you are working for a company that goes against your principles.  

You Need to Accept New Ideas and Accept Rejection   

Let’s just say that you are used to being on top of your class, or that your professors are always impressed by your radical ideas. Tell you what – things might be different when you work for real. You will experience a magnitude of rejection, and it can be heartbreaking at first. The ideas which you thought about for days could be scraped in just a few seconds, and you must be ok with it. It’s part of the entire ecosystem, and you need to practice resiliency. The only way to survive is to go back to the drawing board and revise the plan.    

You Need to Manage Your Time and Prioritize More   

If college requirements seem to be daunting, work can be twice as much. The pressure is real because you might put the entire business in jeopardy if you fail to do your job right. This exact pressure can be overwhelming if you don’t manage it well. Skills such as time management and priority setting are crucial if you want to survive.   

No Room for Cramming 

If back in college, you can always push back and work on your reports until the last minute, then you better change that. Expect that your teammates or superiors will ask progress every now and then. Just imagine if you can’t give them a proper one every time they ask. It can cause tremendous delays, most especially if their work relies on what you are about to submit.   

Avoid Unnecessary Social Gatherings  

Having said that, you need to carefully choose which weekend parties you will attend to. If during college you can always spend your Fridays drinking with friends, it will be totally different now that you are working. Expect that there will be long nights at work, and you will be missing a few parties from now on. This is not to say that you need to say goodbye to your social life. But as you will have more responsibilities, unnecessary gatherings should be avoided to make room for what is important.   

After reading this post and you think you are not yet ready to work, that’s perfectly fine. There’s no need to feel bad, and there’s no need to rush. Instead, what is more tactical is to work on your shortcomings. By then, you will be more than ready to face the real world and work. Plus, you will be able to deliver what is expected of you. That’s way better than working half-baked.    

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