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Are You Ready for Face-To-Face Classes

The pandemic has indeed changed our way of life. It caused different borders to close and people kept inside their homes. Different industries have been affected by Covid-19. Travel and hospitality businesses took a hard hit with people forced to stay indoors. Although food businesses are starting to become profitable, restaurants and other dining areas stopped operations for a long time, losing money, and were forced to let go of their employees.

The education sector had to endure a lot when the pandemic hit. Students were forced to stay at home. Although online classes were established as the education system tried to adapt to these changes, there are still several issues that resulted in a less competitive educational opportunity for the young and old alike.

But now as herd immunity continues and the virus is kept in check by standard health protocol and practices, schools are starting to open. With the virus still a threat, but with better ways to protect students from its effects, can you really say that we are ready to go back to face-to-face classes and traditional learning methods?

Face-To-Face Learning Post Pandemic

Although there is still a big debate on whether online learning is as effective as face-to-face classes, it has provided us with an alternative as we stay indoors due to Covid. For some, it has become a more personalized and engaging way of learning. However, for the younger generation that requires constant guidance from their professors, online learning can be quite overwhelming.

Now that we are in a transition phase from going back to traditional ways of learning, the debate on safety arises.

Are schools equipped to provide a safe environment for their students?

What are the guarantees that younger children will be kept safe without parental supervision?

What happens when the virus begins to spread inside the school community?

The debate really is endless. But as a young adult student seeking education face-to-face, how can you say that you are ready?

Here are some scenarios that may help you decide your preparedness to go back to face-to-face classes:

You Are Vaccinated

Although some people are still quite hesitant about the efficiency of vaccines, getting vaccines somehow gives you a level of assurance that even if you catch Covid, the symptoms and effects will not be as severe. 

Social Distancing Is A Practice You Have Mastered

It is human nature to long for companionship and being close with the people we care about. However, with the threat of catching the virus, it is safer to continue to practice social distancing, especially in a school setting. It is also a school’s responsibility to implement practices such as social distancing and crowd control inside the campus to protect the student community.

You Had A Hard Time Adapting To Online Classes

Technology and internet connectivity are some of the main issues that make online classes inconvenient for students. On top of these, privacy issues at home can also cause students to experience hard times learning online. Some students or parents are also not equipped to facilitate follow-ups when it comes to learning. A face-to-face setup will give a student a more convenient line of communication with their professors to understand and comprehend their lesson better.

You Are Confident With Your School’s Protocols With Covid

Going back to face-to-face classes requires you to be at school and your dorms most of your time. Is your university equipped to provide a safe environment for you to prosper and learn as a student? Did they establish facilities and practices that put you at least risk with the virus? The more confident you are with how your university handles Covid threats makes you more prepared for going back to face-to-face classes.

Learning To Live with Covid

Readiness to go back to face-to-face classes depends not only on you, the student, but on the schools and universities that you are going back to. 

Learning to live with the virus and going back to the lives that we used to have, as normal as it can get is the key. Students should be able to go out with fear, but also with confidence that they can get through their day protected and adapt to the norms that could decrease the risk of them contracting the virus.

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