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Are You Emotionally Unavailable, Read This

Are You Emotionally Unavailable, Read This

Do most people call you emotionally unavailable? What does this mean? And how can you improve yourself? You see, if you want to be successful, it is not enough that you are good with technical skills. Your emotions should be intact as well. That way, people will love to work with you.  

Read the rest of this article and learn more.  

What Does It Mean To Be Emotionally Unavailable?  

When you are emotionally unavailable, it simply means you are a person who’s not comfortable meeting up and sharing your feelings. Often, these people have a hard time trusting others and could not manage a relationship.  

According to experts, being emotionally unavailable is also a way to avoid getting hurt. They sometimes feel that they don’t need others to survive.  

Signs That You Could Be Emotionally Unavailable  

If you want to improve yourself, the first sign is to know about the red flags. If you are not aware of these, the list below could help.  

You Always Find Reasons To Not Like A Person  

For example, you are dating someone. Even if you like them, you always try to find even the littlest mistakes, so you have the reason to say goodbye or to leave them. 

However, this is not an absolute rule. Perhaps, you are just not in love and that’s why you decided to stop dating a person. Use your better judgment for this.  

You Don’t Take Anything Seriously  

More often than not, you always want to stay away from serious and deep conversations about feelings. You try to laugh about every single thing 

You Often Point Fingers  

When something bad happens, you always try to look for someone to blame. You do not welcome the idea that it could be you who had shortcomings. 

You Avoid Making Plans  

Another sign that you could be emotionally unavailable is if you are not fond of making commitments. You are always making an excuse not to go to every invite you receive.  

You Are Overly Controlling  

And just in case you are going to a social gathering, you want things to go your way. You don’t want to listen, and you insist that your plans are better. Considering what others want and need is always out of the question.   

What Can You Do To Improve Yourself  

At the end of the day, being emotionally unavailable can also have a toll both on your personal and professional life. Thus, you have to act on it whenever you can. Here are some of the tips that experts would like you to consider.  

Write A Journal  

Perhaps, you need to release your emotions. And if you are not ready to talk to someone yet, a journal could certainly help.  

Use Art As An Outlet  

The beauty of doing art is that you can release your emotions beautifully. Perhaps, you can write a poem, compose a song, or choreograph something else. For sure, you would feel a whole better.  

Start Trusting More  

We know that this is easier said than done. But what you can do is to find people you are most comfortable with. Start opening to them little by little. It could be your family, your friend from way back, or a mentor.  

Check Your Circle  

If you are surrounded by people who are always complaining about their relationships, or they always blame other people for practically anything, then it’s better to look for a new circle. Look for those who can influence you in a positive manner, and they know how to accept faults and work their way to improve these shortcomings.  

Get Professional Help  

If you feel that you are already exerting effort, yet nothing happens, you need to get professional help. There’s nothing to be ashamed of this. A lot of people could be emotionally unavailable for different reasons. Some were caused by trauma and other bad experiences. 

Simply put, it isn’t a permanent condition. But you have to act on it if you want to be better.  

Take note that this isn’t an overnight success. But if you will keep on taking baby steps, you would soon realize that it’s easier for you to trust people. And that you can take things seriously, most especially when there is a need to.  

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your healing process could be different from others.  

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