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Are You Being Harassed by Your Professors, Here Are a Few Signs

We often hear students bullying other students, and in no case that should be tolerated. However, we also have to acknowledge that there are teachers who are using their position and authority to harass their students. If you experience this, then you have to be sure that harassment is really happening. There are different forms of harassment that you have to take note of. Learn what these are and take action right away. 

Regularly Embarrasses You in Front of the Class 

One of the obvious signs that your professor or instructor is embarrassing you is that you are regularly picked on in front of the other students. If you are sure you have done nothing wrong and they call you derogatory names, you should see that as a red flag. And if they do the same with your other classmates, that doesn’t make it ok as well. No one should call you names at all costs. 

Also, if your work, such as reports and term papers, is ridiculed in front of the class, that could be a form of harassment. While criticism is always healthy and can improve a person, doing so publicly has a different effect. 

Does Not Give You Due Credit 

Let’s just say that you passed all your exams and were able to submit your reports, assignments, and research papers on time. Naturally, you will expect a decent grade. However, you are caught off guard because you found out that you failed upon seeing your grade. Before you get hysterical, you have to be objective on this one. Review all your exams and see if you passed. If you need professional advice to evaluate your papers, then do so. 

There’s no need to get mad right away. What you can do is to approach your professor and validate if the grade given to you was real. It is possible that there could be an error. The case is different though if you are being mocked upon approaching them. 

Speaking Against a Specific Group or Community 

Harassment doesn’t mean it should be targetted to you alone. You always have to be observant if your professors always speak against a particular group. Are they giving out racist or sexist remarks? Are they stereotyping communities? 

If these things make you feel uncomfortable, you have to speak up and do your part.

Sends You Obscene Messages  

You should be treated with respect, even outside of the university. Your professors should not send you inappropriate or obscene messages. If this happens, save screenshots of these messages just in case they deny it in the future. 

Threatens If You Don’t Follow Orders

Another form of harassment is if your professor threatens you if you don’t follow the orders. More often than not, they will say that you will fail the course if you don’t abide by their instructions. At times, it can be intimidating, but you have to stand your ground. 

Be Calm and Firm 

As much as you want to scream and to react violently, you have to maintain composure. You need to be calm and approach your professor like a real adult. 

Talk to the Necessary Department 

If things are getting worse after your initial conversation, it could be necessary to ask for a mediator. 

Often, your university or college has its own Student Affairs office. You should set a schedule and have a meeting with their representative. You should also have a clear account and documentation of the harassment being done by your professor. If you have a witness willing to testify, then that could help with your case as well. 

Should You Take It to Social Media?

We understand if you feel that public humiliation is the best way to get revenge. But if you do that, there might be repercussions. And there could be legal actions not just against your professors, but against you as well.

To protect yourself and to ensure that you will not go above the law, seek professional advice from a legal representative.  

Use Your Best Judgment

Quite frankly, you are the best person to say if you are being harassed or not. You can observe it, and you can feel it. However, you should also consult your peers and see if they experience the same. This can help you identify if there is a pattern of abuse.  

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