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Are You A Diabetic College Student? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are You A Diabetic College Student? Here’s What You Need To Know

Diabetes is a type of chronic disease that affects how your body system turns food into energy. A diabetic person produces little insulin or no insulin from their pancreas. In this case, the blood glucose levels rise while the rest of your body is deprived of its needed energy. The lack of energy can cause a wide range of body system issues that can deteriorate your health.

Diabetes happens to be an emerging health threat especially for the younger generation. In fact, one in four young adults or 25% are living with prediabetes. The condition can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney diseases and heart failure.

College students, composed mainly of young adults, are quite familiar with the disease too. Even at a young age, they have high levels of cholesterol, systolic blood pressure and abdominal fat that causes the body to lower its insulin sensitivity, thus leading to diabetes.

What can be done?

It is not yet too late for type 1 diabetes college students or prediabetic young adults to change their lifestyle to cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Exercise, weight management and better food choices can lead them to a healthier and better life. But what if they are already diabetic? How can they go through the challenges and demands of college life with this disease to worry about?

Top Things To Remember as a College Student with Diabetes

Remember the following if you are already suffering from diabetes.

Inform authorities and close friends about your condition

There is no point in hiding your diabetes from your peers. The more they know about your condition, the better chances of survival you’ll have in case of an emergency. Keeping snacks and having diabetes equipment is one of the most common issues that you’ll find hard to explain to your professors and friends. If you make them aware of your situation, it will be easier for them to understand the needs and demands of your disease.

Develop a healthy eating routine and stay fit

Catching up with your day to day schedule in class, at work, as well as your social life can impact your eating routine which is quite very important for a diabetic. You need to eat at the same time each day to be able to compare your blood sugar levels more efficiently. Make an effort to pack food and set an alarm to be able to stick with your schedule. The same is true with having a healthy and regular sleep schedule.

Try to incorporate exercise and working out in your schedule no matter how busy it is. Being active makes your body more sensitive to insulin. Enjoy light physical activities that can help lower blood cholesterol and lower heart risks. Exercise can also prevent nerve damage for diabetics.

Always keep your emergency medicines handy

As a diabetic, you should always carry sufficient medicine wherever you go. This includes your saltines, insulin, glucagon, Gatorade, and other necessary items. In case of an emergency that will deprive you from getting immediate access to your medicines, you at least have something available to get you by.

It would also be best to prepare pre-packed foods to prevent you from getting hypoglycemic. Additionally, create a note on how your medicines are used and include this on your emergency kit. At least others will know how to use them in case of an emergency.

Have a list of emergency contact handy

Have a list of people your friends and professors can contact in case of an episode or medical emergency. Include your parents, guardians, doctors, insulin pump vendor, pharmacies and well as your insurance company on the list. Always keep it with you together with your emergency medical supplies.

It would be best to keep your emergency contacts on your speed dial. There is no guarantee that you are always with someone in the event of a medical emergency. Speed dialing can be crucial in times of emergencies and may be the difference that will determine life and death situations.

Being a college student, alone and independent from your parents and relatives, can be quite challenging at first. However, with the right preparation and transparency with the people around you, you can survive and enjoy your college life, even with a degenerative and overwhelming disease.

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