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Are Paper Books Dead? Why We Encourage Students to Use It

Digital revolution might have overthrown paper books, but they are still here, and they are bound to stay. Even with technology, schools and universities still rely on published paper books as their information resource. Even with the growing number of readers opting for ebooks over hardbacks, there is still a considerable amount of population that still enjoys reading paper books.

Paper books are not dead, and they still exist for a number of good reasons. It is still a preferred learning material for students and offers plenty of benefits compared to ebooks and other digital reading materials. Books, paperback books, are still very important in a student’s life.

The Importance of Paper Books in a Student’s Life

Paper books will always remain as an important factor in the learning and success of students. It is a convenient resource that helps develop the memory, provide knowledge and offer a unique place for imagination, in a student’s life.

Paper Books Help Students Absorb More Information

Studies suggest that readers can absorb a story or concept better by reading books instead of its equivalent digital form. The level of immersion with paperback books, compared to ebooks are more comprehensive. It is believed that the sensation that comes with holding a book in your hands makes it easier to absorb more information.

You feel the pages progress as you flip from one page to the next, a feeling that is absent with ebooks and PDFs. It is also easier to go back and to confirm information, without losing your progress with a paperback book.

Paper Books Help Develop Better Reading Habits

Kids and adults alike should limit their screen time to about two hours a day. Although reading a book for a long period of time may also cause strain in the eye, the limit is beyond two hours. Reading a conventional book also prevents the negative impacts of blue light and radiation.

Electronic devices make it hard to focus on a story or information. There are plenty of “temptations” that may stray you away from reading via an electronic device compared to a book. Total undivided attention to a story or an article is more likely achieved with reading a traditional book than in an electronic device.

Paper Books Are Gentle on The Eyes

Adults spend around 11 hours a day on their electronic devices. These include time in front of the computer screen, television and mobile devices. Strained eyes are quite common for students who use digital devices frequently.

Take a break and enjoy a relaxing time while reading a book without worrying about blurred vision, eye redness and screen fatigue. Using electronic devices for a long period of time can also cause eye dryness and irritation. Print books give the reader a break from the negative effects of the digital screen.

Paper Books Promote Better Sleep

Although studying requires a lot of time studying, good sleep is still essential to keep the brain alert and functioning efficiently, especially during class. Reading a real book before you sleep helps you sleep better compared to reading from your mobile devices.

Some studies suggest that reading on an electronic device before sleeping lowers your melatonin levels and circadian levels, making it harder to sleep. Sleeping after exposing your eyes to blue light for a long period of time can also lead to a groggy feeling when you wake up. Promote better brain activity before you sleep by reading printed books, instead of spending time on your electronic devices.

Reading Paper Books is Linked to Higher Academic Achievement

Students that enjoy reading the traditional way will most likely get higher scores in the test compared to those who study via an electronic device. Having a library at home also adds up to the potential of a student to excel and stand out in class. Students with more books at home perform better in school.

Reading on paperback books is an enriching experience. The smell and the feeling that books bring to its reader is far more beneficial, especially for comprehension and studying, compared to reading on an electronic device. It is free from the dangers of being exposed to blue light and the computer screen. They sharpen the intellect without compromising their well being. Paper books are, and will always be, the best companion for students.

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