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Are Online Classes Effective For College Students 

Over the past year, universities are trying to find alternative ways on how students can continue their studies without putting each and everyone at risk. 

The most popular method is online education or known as distance learning. But, with the end of the pandemic still uncertain, the question is, are online classes really effective for college students?

To better understand whether it is effective or not, we need to understand the difference between online classes to the traditional class we are used to. 

Traditional Vs. Online Class

Based on recent research, more than three-fourths of the academic leaders see online education as something comparable, if not better, to on-campus learning. They also see that shifting to online classes is the way to the future and should be considered a long-term educational strategy.  But what are the benefits of doing classes online?

College Degrees Have Become More Accessible

Since classes can be done remotely anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, it has become possible for many students to take a college course as they don’t need to be physically present on campus. 

It allows them to learn at their own pace, which is helpful, especially if they have other responsibilities to attend to.

Online Classes Are More Flexible

Given the current setup of online classes, it is quite apparent why online courses are considered flexible.

Since you are not bound to stay in a classroom, you can do multiple tasks while still attending class. You can choose when you can study and when to complete your homework. 

It is the opposite for traditional classes as you have to follow a strict schedule and are limited to what you can do when you like it.

Enhances Self Discipline

Since the students control how they want to learn in online classes, you need to have a great deal of discipline to finish the course successfully. 

Everything is dependent on one’s self-discipline and motivation. All the materials would be given and what to do with it is all up to you. 

It would allow you to learn how to properly manage your time, create a study schedule and balance your studies and other tasks. 

Fewer Expenses

With online classes, you don’t have to worry about your daily expenses since there is no need to commute and worry about what to spend for your basic needs. 

All you have to worry about is an internet connection, a laptop, and that is it. Students who have problems financially do not need to worry about the added expense of staying on campus.

Now, if there are advantages, there also disadvantages with online classes.

Non-Conducive Learning Environment

Yes, online classes give you the freedom to adjust the way you want to learn based on your own terms, but this is a double-edged sword.  

With this setup, you are susceptible to more distractions. Classrooms are designed to keep your focus on what you are studying. Hence, the only things you see are the board, tables, and chairs. But with online classes, things are different. Since you are not obliged to do class on a strict schedule, you can easily lose focus on studying. 

Harder To Make Immediate Queries

Unlike a classroom setup wherein the professor is always present to answer any question that confuses you, it is different with online education. 

Unless you are doing face-to-face online sessions, it is harder to clarify things as you have to send an email then wait for a response. As a result, it makes it hard for some students to learn quickly.

Less Social Interaction

Although you can still see your classmate through their video feeds with online classes, it is still a different feeling when you are physically interacting with other students. 

That feeling of staying in your dorm, going into your classroom, bumping elbows with other students, these are the things you are missing out on when you are in an online class. You are losing that sense of touch, which is critical for developing your social abilities.

Now are online classes effective for college students? At some point, we could consider it effective as it lessens the pressure on students- which is why some students fail their course. But on the other hand, learning is not just about what you can read from your textbooks but a combination of all your senses working together. 

So, yes, online classes can provide you with the information, but they can never give you the wealth of knowledge you can get from interacting with other students. Still, with the current situation we are in, online classes will always be better than no classes.

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