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Are Ivy League Schools Worth It?

It’s pretty much apparent that most students would like to get into an Ivy League school. But apart from the prestige, what are the things you can get from attending one?  

In this post, let’s share some of the reasons why an Ivy League school is worth it. Likewise, we would also point out a number of concerns. 

High Standards Of Quality Education  

Naturally, when you are in an Ivy League university, you are bound to get high standards of education. Your professors are considered top-notch in their field, and you will be surrounded by equally brilliant students. These could push you to become the best version of yourself.  

Outstanding Network  

Another beauty of being in an Ivy League school is that you get to enjoy a great network. And as we all know, that can be beneficial once you get your degree, and of course, while looking for a job.  

Best Resources  

More often than not, these schools invest on the best resources that could be used by their students. This includes books, facilities, and technology. With this, your skills will be honed further.  

International Recognition  

One of the reasons why an Ivy League school is a good choice is because you have a better chance of getting jobs internationally. Since they are highly famous worldwide, seeing the name in your diploma could already be an advantage.  

Of course, these benefits do not come for free. There are also a few reasons why it could not be the best option for you.  

Skyrocketing Tuition Fees  

Getting into these prestigious schools is just the first challenge. Staying in the university proves to be the larger issue. If you must know, the tuition fees and even the accommodation can cost a fortune. But come to think of it, since most graduates of Ivy Leagues schools can get a nice job, they could easily pay off student loans. This is a risk, that is true. But if you are willing to take the shot, then we say go for it.  

The Competition Is Too Tough 

Those who are accepted in Ivy League schools are mostly outstanding students. You can just imagine a pool of young adults with high potential. And yes, sometimes you will begin to doubt yourself since you might feel that you don’t deserve the spot.  

But let us tell you this. When you got accepted in an Ivy League school, it means they already saw your potential. Comparing yourself with others will do you no good. At the end of the day, you should focus on your strengths and improve your weaknesses. 

How To Get Into An Ivy League School  

Many of you might be wondering, how can one get into one of these prestigious schools. Here are a few reminders that can help you.   

  • GPA of at least 4.0  
  • 1400 on SAT  
  • 30 on ACT  
  • Performance (extracurricular activities)  
  • Outstanding personal essay  

What If Your Don’t Get Into An Ivy League Universities  

We’ve seen many students who became depressed after finding out that they did not get into their dream school. The feeling of disappointment is valid. We understand that it could be devastating. But you have to remember that your application does not summarize your abilities. It cannot dictate if you are smart enough. There are many factors why you might not get into an Ivy League. Bear in mind that it isn’t the end of the world, and there are other equally good universities to choose from.  

While there are benefits of getting into an Ivy League, it doesn’t mean that a student here will be guaranteed a better future. Yes, it could help you and equip you with the right knowledge. But it will still depend on how much you want to succeed in life.  

Your school can help you forge the right skills. But at the end of the day, it’s what you do with those skills that matter. Even people who graduated from lesser-known schools can have a good shot in life. After all, everyone could be educated as long as they wanted to.  

Come to think of it. There are many online resources, and libraries are rampant across the country. Getting into an Ivy League school is already a bragging right. But your journey doesn’t stop there.   

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