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Apps You Should Download As College Students

Apps are applications that can be installed in mobile devices that are capable of performing different tasks. They can either be educational, social media-related, gaming or productivity apps. Different apps help you perform specific tasks faster, more conveniently and on the go. It’s no wonder our phones and tablets are filled with it. 

As a college student, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle your time with work, school and other activities that you are into. Apps somehow make it easier for students to manage their time, get creative, do things on the go or to entertain themselves after a long and busy day at school.

Top Apps Bests for College Students

Here are some of the top apps every college student must have to make their lives a little bit easier, manageable and fun.

Google Calendar

Although there are plenty of calendar apps available out there, Google Calendar is one of the most reliable, secure and seamless apps that you can connect with your email. You can easily keep track of your classes, schedule at work, deadlines and other activities on your mobile device.

In this age, relying on mental notes isn’t going to cut it.


For a secure and cashless payment system, Venmo is the best app there is. Split payments with friends, get paid, pay for meals and gas through this app. If you sell products online, this can be a useful payment option to receive payments too.

We’ve been encouraging college students to start their business, and this is a good app to use as early as now.


If you enjoy using flashcards when reviewing for exams and quizzes, this app would be very handy for you. You can make flashcards from scratch or you can search the app for the available flashcards in the library. Remember, flashcards aren’t for kids. You can always take advantage of a classic tool. Only now, it’s digital. 

Blackboard App

This popular learning management system is widely used in many colleges across the United States, especially when home schooling was the only option we had. The app allows students to access coursework and reading materials for online classes. They can easily view course content, answer assignments, tests and even view their grades through this. 

Your university might be using the same. If not, you can propose it and make learning easier.

Google Drive

This is one of the safest and easiest cloud storages on the web. You can easily store documents on your drive and sync it with your other devices connected to your email.

Battery low? You can head to the library to easily access your files on your drive. Collaborating and sharing files with teachers and classmates is very easy through this app too.


Note taking is an essential tool in your college life. Keep your notes tidy and accessible in one place with Evernote. You can easily remember notes and facts with the recorder feature. Plus, you can take photos of the blackboard when it a hurry and store it in your notes. 

Microsoft Office Lens

A portable scanner that can save you a lot of time from having to take notes. The Microsoft Office Lens App allows you to scan whiteboards, blackboards, and pages off the library books and convert them into PDF for your convenience. You’ll save time and paper at the same time.


If you are running late on a deadline for a paper or an essay, you might find yourself not having time to revisit and review your work. Grammarly can help you create flawless and well-constructed essays and articles. It can do the basic spell check and provide sentence construction suggestions to arrive at the best tone for your project. You’ll get a lot from this app, even from the free version.

My Fitness Pal

College is not all about your studies and work. You need to stay fit and healthy too. The MyFitnessPal App can track not only your physical activities but as well as your sleep patterns, eating habits and your daily food intake. MyFitnesPal can also analyze your food intake, help you focus on meeting your health goals and set your macronutrient goals by the gram or as percentages.

There are plenty of other useful applications that can make your college life more manageable and systematic. You just have to look for a set of apps that suits your specific needs and the demands. Some are free while some are paid but most of them are worth it and could really improve your day to day activities as a college student.

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