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Annoying Roommates, How To Deal With Them

Trying to live with your college roommate could be either of the two. It may be a wonderful experience that would give you memories that last a lifetime, or it could be a disaster, especially if it turns out that you are paired with an annoying roommate. Parting ways is the obvious solution, but it should not be your first option. Here are some tips on how you can deal with your annoying roommate and make your stay as trouble and stress-free as possible.

Start By Creating A Contract

It is not an official document. But what you need to do is to sit down and talk to your roommate and set ground rules that would benefit both of you. 

Try and make an agreement on how you can peacefully share the space together. It takes two to tango, so try to learn each other’s living preferences and adjust accordingly. By doing this, you are avoiding getting into each other’s wrong foot. 

It is better to sort all of these at the start rather than deal with them later on, which is usually the cause of misunderstandings. If you decide to change something on the agreement, make sure to let each other know prior.

Understand Your Roommate

Each person comes from a different background. Sometimes the reason for your roommates’ action is not because they are intentionally annoying you but because this is what’s normal to them.

If this is the case, then try to a bit more understanding of the situation. If you feel it is intentional, then there is no problem in voicing out your concern to clear things out.

Do Not Be Shy To Talk

Are you annoyed with what your roommate is doing but are too shy to try and confront them? Remember, you will be living with the same person for quite a while, so it is better that you let them know how you feel about what they are doing, especially if it’s affecting you negatively. 

Learn How To Compromise 

There are times that you need to be considerate of others and know how to compromise in order to live harmoniously. It is a give-and-take relationship. They adjust to you while you adjust to them as well. 

Try to find that balance on what would work for the both of you. It cannot just favor one person. For example, let us say your roommate wants to sleep with the lights on while you don’t. Rather than just forcing to turn off the light, why not suggest having a night lamp instead. That way, both of your conditions are satisfied. 

Call Them In, Not Out

There is a difference between calling them in and calling them out. Calling them out means trying to accuse them one-sidedly, while calling them in means discussing the issue together in a non-threatening tone. 

Using the latter approach would make your roommate feel more respected. This would create a more dynamic relationship between you.

Don’t Try to Change Your Roommate

Your roommate has their own life, the same way you do. It means that their living style may not be the same as yours. There is no problem trying to change their bad habits but do not expect that they could totally change. 

Changing a habit needs time. Let them adapt to the new way gradually. Do not expect things to change overnight. Also, keep in mind that you should also be prepared to change some of your habits for them. 

Talk To Your Roommate Directly First

Before you go to someone and complain about your roommate, try to sort out things between the two of you first. Talk to them directly and do it in a polite manner. Conflicts are fixed when discussed properly. Trying to involve a third party before even trying to confide it with your roommate would just create tension and not resolve the issue. 

It is hard to live with someone, especially if both of you have a very different lifestyle. But everything can be sorted out by having a proper discussion. Both of you should agree and compromise. If you have tried everything but still find it unbearable to live with your roommate, then it is time to find a new accommodation or a new roommate. 

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