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Affordable Destinations in Asia for College Students

If you want to get a degree and at the same time, taste full independence, then maybe you should study in a different continent. But of course, we all know how expensive it is to study overseas. You have to pay for your tuition fee, accommodation, not to mention food and other expenses. 

Having said that, studying in Asia is probably one of the best solutions. More often than not, the cost of education and the cost of living is more affordable. This, of course, depends on your chosen institution. 

In this post, we will share with you a list of Asian countries where you can get quality education, and at the same time, live an exciting life.  

Why Study in Asia? 

Asia is a beautiful continent with amazing places to visit and diverse culture and heritage to witness. For those who want to learn not just about theories and fundamentals, but also about life’s experience, spending your college life in Asia is the way to go. 


First on our list is Malaysia. In recent years, the country has been one of the favorites of international students. But that’s not surprising considering the quality of education you can get from here. Some of their institutions are included in the top 200 universities in the world! 

To date, there are around 100,000 international students in Malaysia. This means there is a large community where you can easily make friends and build a network. At an average, you need more or less $9,000 per year in order to cover your school and basic needs. 

You can also work parttime while studying. There are small grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels where you can get extra funds to sustain a decent life in Malaysia.   


One of the reasons why more international students choose Taiwan is because they are known to provide impeccable educational programs. Studying here gives you that strong foundation if you want to secure an excellent job in the future. 

The locals are very hospitable and friendly as well. It will be easy for anyone to adjust and to get used to their practices. And if you are always on the lookout for beautiful getaways, Taiwan has unlimited jaw-dropping landscapes. It’s ideal if you want to relax your mind and body after a week of intense studying. There are international scholarships available as well. National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, and National Cheng Kung University are our top choices. 

A semester for undergraduate program is around $1700 – $2100. 


If you must know, India is the home of one of the oldest universities in the world. That alone speaks about how education was valued even in ancient times. To date, there are around 800 universities in India to choose from. These universities provide top-notch education and they train students to join multinational companies around the globe. 

We suggest that you choose universities run by the central government as they also offer scholarship grants for international applicants. Imagine having a taste of India’s rich culture and quality education for a fraction of the cost. It’s an experience far better than what you can read from books.  

There are educational institutions where you can get graduate courses for as low as $400. Fees in private institutions could go as high as $3000. So your choice largely depends on your financial capabilities. There are also a lot of reasonable hostels to choose from.  


The last country from our list is the Philippines. Like all the places we’ve mentioned, the Philippines is a hotspot for international students for its affordable yet high-quality education. And let’s not forget, the cost of living is just unbelievably low.  

Many international students also commend Filipinos for being genuinely hospitable. It’s always easy to look for directions as locals are helpful, and speak English. In fact, there is a surge of international students choosing the Philippines to study the language. You are also allowed to work part-time if you are studying, and work 40 hours per week during breaks. With that, you can already live comfortably and enjoy simple luxuries in life.   

The cost of living per year is around $4500 – $6000. And the tuition fees are very affordable as well. 

When you study overseas, it is not just the degree or diploma that you have to look forward to. Being in a different country has so much to offer. You would be surprised how much things you can learn outside the school. If you have the opportunity, grab it right away. 


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