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College’s Guide to Partying Responsibly

Most college students love to party – and that’s not even a secret! But while generally fun, it is always better to party responsibly. You wouldn’t want to do something that you will regret later, would you? 

If someone invited you, we don’t mean that you have to turn down their invitation. In fact, we recommend going to these things once in a while. It’s a good break for all the lessons from school, and at the same time, it expands your network. Just make sure to follow these guides to keep you safe at all times. 

Be With a Trusted Group 

Knowing the crowd is important when you are about to attend a party. Know the host and possible attendees. If someone from your trusted circle is going as well, it will be better to go together. Have a ‘buddy system’ or somewhat an accountability partner for the night.  

It’s also a good idea to have a background check. Most likely, the person who invited you has already hosted a party before. Check from other people what type of social gathering you can expect. That way, you can prepare and condition yourself for what’s about to come. 

If there are a lot of negative feedback and horror stories from several people, you might want to say no for now. After all, there will be lots of parties coming your way. 

Get All the Details 

Before going to a party, gather as many details as possible. You can ask basic information about the host, the location, the time, what you need to bring, and a theme you have to follow. 

After getting the details, you can send the same to a trusted friend. Or perhaps leave a note for your roommate. That way, they can easily reach out to you for emergencies. 

If the party is tagged as ‘secret’ or ‘exclusive,’ it can be tempting, but apparently very risky. We do not recommend going there. 

Eat First

You would often hear people say that you have to eat first before drinking beer (or anything alcoholic). And there’s a good reason for that. Scientifically speaking, the longer alcohol stays in your stomach, the slower it can affect your body. And you can do this by eating first as it prevents your beverage from passing immediately into your small intestine. 

So before going to the venue, you might want to eat first. Some of the best food choices are eggs, bananas, oats, berries, or avocado. Go for the lights ones.  

Take Photos

This is not for social media purposes alone. Because as much as you want to brag that you are in a college party, some photos might not sit well with your future employers.

The reason why we suggest taking a lot of photos is that you get to have evidence of the people you are with just in case something unfortunate happens. We are not saying though that you should take photos in every corner of the party. This is not even to urge you to document private and intimate sessions.   

Set Limits

You have to know yourself and understand your limits. Some people can drink ten bottles and still be able to function properly. Others could get drunk in just a couple of beers. And if you are aware of your capacity, then you can clearly set boundaries. 

Quite frankly, you do not have to get drunk just to enjoy a party. So there’s no point in going overboard.

Hail a Cab

Don’t drink and drive. You already know this, but a little reminder cannot hurt as well. Also, do not attempt to walk unless your house is just literally meters away from the party. Should you need to go home, it is safer to just hail a cab. Use Lyft or Uber instead. At least you get to record your driver’s name, and at the same time, you know that he is not intoxicated.   

Don’t Forget to Enjoy 

At this point, you might think that we have a lot of rules. That’s true but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to have fun. Go and dance, talk to strangers, meet new friends, discover something new. Yet again, always know when to stop. And also, don’t try to party late when you have a long exam the next day after. Choose your parties wisely and you are good to go. 


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