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8 Important Questions Answered When Searching For The Right Internship

When it comes time to apply for an internship in your college studies, don’t just look for the ones that seem like easy work or good pay. Give serious thought to the best type of internship for your college degree and professional career. Here are eight questions to consider when choosing an internship in your field of study.

What Can I Learn From This Company?

Choose an organization or company that fits with your college major. The internship duties should dovetail with your college studies to equip you with essential skills for your professional career. For example, if you are going into sales, look for a retail internship where you can gain valuable insight and experience.

What Can I Bring to This Company?

In addition to earning valuable work experience and a resume credit, what can you offer the company in exchange? You may be competing with other students for the internship, so give some thought to the credentials you can bring that will make you a stand-out applicant.

Are the Duties Commensurate with My Abilities?

Review the internship description carefully to ensure you can do the required tasks. If the job is more than you are equipped to handle, don’t bother to apply. If the internship seems very light in nature, that might not be an effective preparatory step for your career. Look for a position that will help you use what you know as well as add to your skills and experience.

Will the Internship Impress Future Employers?

When you think about adding the internship to your resume, will the company and the position work in your favor with prospective employers? If you choose a “fun” position rather than a professional one with built-in training for your career, it may not have much impact on future job searches.

Is There an Opportunity for Full-time Employment with the Company After Graduation?

Many companies that offer internships will end up hiring an intern after graduation if the student seems like a good fit based on their work ethic, professionalism, and aptitude to grow into a full-time position. Look for an internship where you would like to work after graduation if offered a full-time job.

Will the Income Meet My Financial Needs?

Some internships pay nothing, but most offer some kind of salary or stipend. Depending on your financial circumstances, choose a position with income that will meet at least your basic living expenses rather than going into debt for an internship that pays too little or not at all, unless it really offers an exceptional career opportunity.

Will the Proposed Schedule Work with My Other Responsibilities?

Students generally do not take classes while participating in an internship, although there are exceptions. However, if you have a family, a part-time job, or other responsibilities, find an internship with flexible hours or work-at-home options.

Would I Find this Internship Meaningful and Interesting?

Finding the right internship is primarily a professional decision on how it will prepare you for a future career and the degree to which it meshes with your current lifestyle. However, don’t overlook the desirability of an internship that you will fulfilling and enjoyable. Look for an internship that meets all of these criteria, but if you can’t find one that does, prioritize your most important needs for the position.

An internship is something like a training program and part-time job combined. Make the most of this opportunity to prepare for a brilliant career after graduation.

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