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7 Most Important Resources for Online Students

Online students are generally expected to be self-starters. As so much of the student’s work is done on his or her own, students are also expected to learn how to find their own resources for success. Below are just a handful of the most important resources that students will need to succeed.

Financial Aid Office

Even if you’re not taking out loans to get through school, you’ll want to know the number for your financial aid office. These are the individuals to whom you will talk about paying your tuition, receiving financial aid, and even searching for scholarships. Make sure to cultivate a relationship with this department so that you can deal with financial issues without quite as much stress.

Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is always going to be one of your most important college resources. When you first register, you’ll probably work with this person to build your initial schedule. As school goes on, though, you’ll want to turn to him or her to make sure that you stay on the right track. Whether you need to know if a specific class fulfills a graduation requirement or you are unsure about your enrollment status, your advisor will have the answers for you.

Online Learning Office

Most universities that offer online courses now have an office dedicated to online learning. The individuals who work in this office tend to be the go-to resources for finding out information about the technical side of online schooling. Whether you need to know about what to do when there are connectivity issues or you’re concerned about changes to the online schedule, this is the office you’ll want to contact.

Library Services

While you might not ever go to campus, you will still get the benefit of using your school’s library. Make sure that you have access to the library site so that you can use academic resources for your assignments. You should be able to contact a librarian at your school to find out more about online journals and even about borrowing physical books when necessary.

Google Drive Tools

Google’s suite of tools are very important for online students. Drive is a great resource for ensuring that you always have access to your files while you are on the go, while tools like Meeting and Hangouts will help you to get in touch with your fellow students. These tools are all free, so make sure that you use them when you can.

Student Services

If you are going to school through a traditional university, your student services department will be invaluable. This department will help you to access campus services, ranging from getting a parking permit for any trips you have to make to campus to helping you find where to get your textbooks. Make sure you know who to contact on campus when you have questions about your student experience.

Professor Emails

It’s vital that you keep track of your professors’ email addresses. Since you likely won’t be able to get to campus to go to office hours, this is how you’ll ask questions and get to know your teachers. Don’t be afraid to send a quick email when you have a question or when you feel like you’re getting lost. Most professors are good about staying in contact with students who put in an effort.

If you can take advantage of all of these resources, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding at school online. None of these tools guarantee success, but they all give students the assistance they might need. Make sure to stay connected in order to get the most out of your online experience.

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