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7 Common Sins of College Students Commit

College life can be so much fun. It’s the time when you can reinvent yourself, meet new people, and learn many things. For most, this is the first real taste of independence. However, we are not saying that your life at university will always be smooth-sailing. In fact, there will be a lot of challenges that will come your way. And that is why it is crucial that you stay away from the common ‘sins’ most college students commit. 

If you keep on doing these things and you fail to change or at least acknowledge the wrongdoings, it will be more challenging to finish your course. Or even if you do, it will cause you stress, anxiety, or even depression. Thus, you have to watch out for it.  

Learn what the common sins that most college students commit. 

Not Knowing Your Reason for Taking the Course

The first sin that we commonly notice from college students is not knowing their reason for studying. They’re just there to get a degree, get their hands on a diploma, with high hopes of increasing their chances of landing a good job.

While it is true that getting a degree gives you that leverage in terms of employment, the most important thing would be the experience and all the practical lessons you’ve learned from college. 

They say that whatever you learn from university is far more different from reality. But there are still a lot of principles and practices that you can apply in real life. So before you even take the course, list down why you are doing it. What are the things you want to learn? How can it holistically help you in your future employment? And once you determine these things, you’d be able to enjoy your college life even more.    

Focusing on Studies Alone 

Obviously, one of the core reasons we go to college or to a university is to learn and to study. But that’s not the only thing you should focus on. There are so many things you can do and explore while getting your degree. And these will shape you as a mature and independent individual. This is far more important than memorizing theories and concepts. Learn how to have fun! Drop your books in the meantime, and spend a good time with your friends. But be careful though as you might commit the next common sin of college students. 

Partying Too Hard Every Single Time 

You deserve a break, especially after a hard exam or right after you finished that extremely exhausting term paper. If you want to party, then do so. A couple of beers and some backyard party with friends and schoolmates can do you good. But this doesn’t mean that you have to do this every single night! 

The key here is to have balance. You don’t want to exhaust yourself the night before an exam nor an oral discussion with your professors without the right amount of preparation. Just know when to play hard and you are all set. 

Neglecting Your Health

Not because you are young and can stay up all night means you have to do it. We’ve heard and witnessed a lot of horrors stories wherein college students suddenly get sick. Just so you know, this isn’t solely due to studying too hard. Often, young adults, most especially those who study in universities, do not give importance to their health. But this is crucial so you can perform well in class. 

You have to be more conscious with your food, activities, and lifestyle in general. More often than not, it is tempting to just order your favorite fast-food burgers and fries while studying for a long test. But in reality, it does nothing positive to your health. We recommend preparing your own healthy meal instead. It’s easy and more affordable. 

Aside from that, always squeeze time to exercise. It can be a quick 30-minute walk, or if that bores you, follow some dance workout on YouTube. What matters most is that you stay away from a sedentary lifestyle. 

And lastly, always consider your mental health. Anxiety and depression can happen to university students for several reasons. It could be stress brought by hard subjects, financial challenges, family issues, and a whole lot more. Make sure that you meditate, have an outlet, or seek professional help when necessary. 

Failing to Build a Network

If you are not doing this right now then you are wasting a lot of opportunities. As early as now, you have to build a network. Do not confine yourself to meeting people taking the same course or subjects. Be diverse and join non-academic groups as well. Eventually, your network can help you either with employment or with your business venture. Do not underestimate the power of networking. It’s one thing you should take advantage of while you are still young.   

Missing Your Deadlines 

A bad habit that you should not even start is missing your deadlines. You must know how to manage your time juggling studies, social life, and sometimes work. But we understand that doing several assignments can be overwhelming. And that’s where you need to get help. 

Think about this as outsourcing, which is also a common practice in the corporate world. People outsource services to unload responsibilities and this helps them focus on more important things in life. 

Succumbing to Peer Pressure 

Lastly, never succumb to peer pressure. You must know when and how to say NO if you feel that your peers are already directing you further ‘down south’. 

As a college student, you have to use your better judgement whether your circle is a good influence or not. There’s nothing wrong with making friends. In fact, we encourage it. Yet again, always surround yourself with people that will inspire you to become better. 



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