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6 Things You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media – Big Turn Off For Employers

6 Things You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media – Big Turn Off For Employers

Social media has become an avenue for us, humans, to be move vocal about our lives and even our views on several different things. While it is always good to share our thoughts and pieces of our lives with our families and friends, there are instances that we have gone overboard. Social media became a room for so much hatred and a battlefield for people with opposing views. We’ve seen many threats, cryptic messages against enemies, and other things that are immature. 

If you think these things will not hurt you, you thought wrong. If you must know, more than 80% of employers check social media to recruit new talents. Likewise, more than 40% check search engines and social media accounts to screen applicants. Having said that, yes, it is possible to lose a job opportunity for an insensitive post. So you have to be extra careful. 

This article will share you with eight of the worst things you can post on your social media accounts. Regardless if your account is private, you can never really tell who can see your online behavior. 

Which social media accounts are employers likely to check? 

Before we jump into that, here’s a quick list of the social media platforms that HR practitioners or employers usually check when they hire or screen applications. 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • Tumbler 

Inappropriate Behaviors 

So you’ve spent the weekend partying non-stop, getting drunk, or acting crazy. That’s fine. After all, we do understand that we sometimes need a breather. But there are certain things that you just need to keep in private with your friends. Naked photos, throwing up, or making out with someone are not necessarily what employers would be fond of.

Sexist and Racist Comments 

A lot of workplaces are very particular about their stand against racism and sexism. It’s already apparent why you shouldn’t post such remarks. It’s not just because you want to land a job, but these are just disrespectful and absolutely rude. If you still have issues about different races and gender, then you might want to have a broader understanding. Trust us, if you are still confined in such primitive views, then you wouldn’t last long in any work environment. 

Negative Posts About Previous Companies

There’s no perfect company, to say the least. There will always be a point for improvement. But that doesn’t mean that you can rant all about it on social media. 

If you have issues about your management or their policies, there’s always a proper venue. You can talk to your Human Resources Department, or if necessary, bring it to labor organizations. But posting it on social media and being highly emotional about your company’s shortcomings will not sit well with future employers. They will think that you will do the same with them if ever you see flaws in their operations. 

Scandalous Videos and Images 

As tempting as it is to share videos or images, let’s not act on impulse. Instead, try to assess if it is offensive in any way. Is it objectifying women? Is it against a specific race, culture, or religion?

Posts Filled with Grammatical and Spelling Errors

In some cases, HR practitioners are turned off if they see posts with many unforgivable grammar and spelling mistakes. We are not saying that you have to be professional all the time and that you have to write captions similar to what you will do on term papers. However, it is always good to be careful before posting. Check your grammar, spelling, and even punctuation. This signifies that you are detail-oriented, which is, of course, a plus when you look for a job 

Unverified News  

Social media can be a breeding ground for fake news. And yes, these websites and sources look genuine. But you must do due diligence when sharing news and relevant information. Verify it and look for other supporting websites. If you are in doubt, don’t share it. 

Most employers do not only check your professional background. They would also want to see what you really are behind that perfectly written resume. It’s not rocket science to figure out what things you should not post on social media. But the trick here is to be more cautious and sensitive enough. And even if you still have years before you apply for jobs, it is helpful is you start cleaning your social media accounts as early as now.

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