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6 High Paying Graduate Jobs That Are Trending For 2020

A suggestion you will often hear throughout the school from parents, guidance counselors, and teachers are, “follow your passion.” While choosing to do something that you find interesting and fulfilling is important, maybe your real “passion” is something outside of work. Many passions need to be funded with money making your career choice an important aspect in finding that fulfillment. This list will give you some of the higher-paying jobs graduates should consider.

1. Medical Careers

Medical careers are always in demand and necessary. Thus, you will find many topping lucrative career lists. It is no wonder medical practitioners who are responsible for holding lives in their hands also bring in the highest paycheck. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and OBGYNs all score top pay. However, a career like this can necessitate another 10 to 12 years of higher education. Looking at unemployment rates for these positions shows it as being pretty much non-existent. As far as projected need in the future? There will be plenty of openings needing to be filled.

Average 2020 Payrate: Surgeon: $395,000 annually with an average range between $333,000 and $469,000

Anesthesiologist: $347,600 with an average range between $306,000 and $400,000

OBGYN: $287,000 annually with an average range between $249,000 and $345,000

2. Recruiter

Not excited about putting tons of time into specializations and higher education? Why not become a recruiter. Instead of searching for a career for yourself, you can help others find theirs. A recruiter will create profiles using a job seeker’s skills, education, and personality to find them positions with clients for which they are a good fit. It can be intensive at times with all of the interviewing, administrative tasks, and liaising with companies but hard work will pay off when the commissions come through.

Average 2020 Payrate: $56,800 with an average range between $49,900 and $63,200. Ranges can vary even higher due to compensation from commissions.

3. Information Security

As technology envelops our daily lives, it becomes increasingly important to protect sensitive information that is kept online. Information security analysts play an important role in doing just that. Organization’s networks need to be protected from breaches in security and if there is one, it needs to be traced and analyzed so it can be properly taken care of. These breaches can cost companies a lot of money so they are willing to invest in someone who is skilled, honest, and dependable to handle these situations. Really, most IT jobs will remain in demand in the future but ones that revolve around security will definitely be in extreme demand.

Average 2020 Payrate: $120,700 with an average range between $97,500 and $145,500

4. Mechanical Engineer

Don’t want to be stuck in an office setting or staring at a computer for long hours? Consider a career in mechanical engineering. With starting pay ranging in the upper 50s to mid-70s annually, the paycheck is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, you can get a chance to work with your hands and if working with machines or cars is your passion, then you can make a pretty penny doing something you love.

Average 2020 Payrate: $141,200 with an average range between $129,000 and $153,000.

5. Software Engineer

Another job for techies that can earn you an admirable wage is software engineering. If computer gaming is your passion and you have always wanted to be part of creating a new game, then this job can bring in the money and give you the opportunity to work doing something that fuels your passion. With wages reaching into the triple digits, software engineers help develop, test, and evaluate all sorts of program types. They also can be part of hardware development. To get into this arena, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is needed. If you want to one-up the competition, obtaining a post-grad degree can get you there.

Average 2020 Payrate: $99,700 with an average range between $80,000 to $116,500

6. Actuary

If math is your thing, embrace that because many people try to avoid math at all costs. This is a highly specialized area of accounting that works with insurance companies, government agencies, and banks to assess risk through statistical data. This career path is also very secure and wages start at around 80k a year. It can be very challenging which is a plus for those who like a good challenge. Since it is considered a niche job, there are almost never enough to go around meaning, if you know what you are doing, you will always have a well-paying job available to you.

Average 2020 Payrate: $122,400 with an average range between $108,000 and $134,000


Average pay rates are based on average salaries across the United States. Any position can have substantially higher or lower rates depending on education, higher learning, additional education, certifications, experience level, and other important factors.


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