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6 Common Job Interview Myths

Job interviews can be sometimes nerve-racking, most especially if you are not used to it. But that doesn’t mean that you are not capable of making a significant impact. 

For years, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about job interviews, and we want to clarify some of those. We want this post to help you prepare as much as you can. And at the same time, remove your worries about the common myths related to job applications. 

You Don’t Need to Practice

While there are people who are natural speakers and very articulate, this doesn’t mean that you do not prepare for a job interview. Apart from listing down possible questions, you also have to know your resume by heart. 

When asked about your qualifications, provide specific examples, and stay away from generic responses. Most likely, they will ask that you reiterate your position or your resume. By practicing, your voice and manner of speaking will have more conviction. 

If you are someone who gets nervous in interviews, make sure that you practice with a friend. Don’t forget to ask for their opinion. We all know that employers would ask you to introduce yourself, and you can start from there. Do not follow a template, but instead be a storyteller. Give them a glimpse of your journey and make it engaging. After all, how many candidates are they interviewing per day? If you provide the same cliche responses, it’s harder to stand out.  

Don’t find the perfect answers but be genuine in answering questions. 

They Hire Only Those Who Graduated From Prestigious Universities 

If you did not graduate from an ivy league university, this doesn’t slim down the chance of getting hired. Employers are not always about the school you graduated from. They look at a potential candidate on a holistic level. 

To improve your ‘value’, you can do other things to beef up your credentials. For example, join organizations and organize events. Have your advocacy and use your voice for it. Show your genuine care about society and use your resources to your advantage. Trust us, these have more weight than graduating from ivy league universities.

There’s No Need to Research  

A lot of applicants think that your hiring manager will tell everything to you. And that is why they don’t do their research. But it greatly helps if you know the company. This is not hard to do. A quick search on Google will give you a lot of answers. Try to check their website, look out for news, and have an idea of what their real mission is. 

This simple act can undoubtedly impress your employers.

You Can’t Ask The Interviewer Questions

More often than not, your interviewer will ask if you have questions for them. And we’ve noticed that a lot of applicants will say ‘none’ even if they wanted to learn more. We say go for it. 

You can subtly ask about the company’s environment and even expectations from you when you get the job. In some cases, you can ask about their impression about the interview. And from there, take down notes if they shared points for improvement.  

However, there are a few questions that you might want to ask later on. Salary is one of these. 

Following Up Means You are Desperate 

You haven’t heard from them. Should you give up already? 

The answer is No. 

You can always follow up on your application. This is not a sign that you are desperate to get the job. In fact, it shows how interested you are. We recommend sending a thank you card or email after your interview. Again, such simple gestures can make you stand out from the rest. 

But don’t overdo it. Doing follow-ups every day can be a turnoff. According to experts, once a week is tolerable.  

You Need to Know Everything 

Another job interview myth is that you have to know everything. This is far from the truth. At times, there will be questions from your interview that you have no idea how to answer. That’s fine. Be honest and tell your interviewer that you will find answers soon. 

When applying for a job, it is necessary that you prepare. Learn the Do’s and Dont’s, and at the same, make yourself aware of the myths. That way, you can increase the chances of acing your interview. And who knows, you might land the job sooner than you thought.  


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