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5 Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

If you’re looking for a side hustle but you don’t want to go anywhere and you can write, then you might want to look into freelance writing. Freelance writing might start out as a side hustle, but it can turn into something bigger.

If you continue to deliver quality content and work hard, you should do well. The secret to freelance writing is to spend extra time on your research opposed to focusing on the money you will earn. Most freelance writers will write quickly because they’re only thinking about the money, but if you take that approach, you’re not going to build a client base. If a client sees that you’re willing to take the extra time to put forth extra effort, then you’re going to win that client’s business. Repeat business is always the key to success.

Below are five ways to get started with freelance writing. As long as you have good grammar, you should be able to do it. It’s highly recommended that you also focus on engaging the reader from the opening line and never letting go. There is a fine line here. You don’t want to be dry or over the top. If you stick with it, you will find that fine line. A lot also depends on the client. Communicate with the client so you know what kind of writing style they want before going to work.

Below are 5 Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

1 Pitch A Guest Blog

This has a much better chance of working if it’s a blog you read often. If you send the owner of the blog a message that you would like to write a guest post because you’re passionate about the topic, see where it goes. You might have to work for free on the first one. If they come back to you for more content because your first post did well, politely tell them that you would love to write again but you don’t have enough time to work for free.


Textbroker is a content site for freelance writers and clients looking for writers. You sign-up as an author and take a test that will rate your skill level 1-5. You will probably start at Level 3, which will allow you to make some money. If you’re good, you will move to Level 4, which will allow you to make more money. This is where you want to be. Believe it or not, you don’t want to go to Level 5, even though you can theoretically earn more money. If you’re a Level 5, you need to deliver absolute perfection every time, which is really going to slow you down. You want Level 4. You can request pay-outs twice per week.


This site is much different than Textbroker. You can make a lot more money here, but you don’t make that money right away. On Textbroker, you write about what the client wants and you get paid. On Constant-Content, you write about whatever you want and wait for someone to buy the article. Most of your articles will be bought if they’re approved by the editors, but it can take anywhere from one week to five years.

4. Enter Writing Contests

This isn’t just a good way to make some money; it’s also a good way to get noticed. For a list of writing contests, go to

5. Self-Publish A Book

If you want to publish your own book, go straight to Amazon. Don’t fall for any scheming companies that charge you to publish your book. They will promise you the world and give you nothing compared to the exposure Amazon will give you, which is free. If people like what you wrote, you will gain traction quickly. If not, try again.

One important note on this option is that it can end up being anywhere from a complete waste of time to a home run. The average self-published author earns $1,000 per year. That’s even if they have multiple titles and a big following. This is a tough arena, but if you hit, you’re going to hit big.

Now you have five freelance writing options to increase your earnings. Good luck and lean toward taking on projects you will enjoy. It makes a big difference.

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