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5 Surprising Reasons To Start Your College Life In A Dorm

If you are like many other students, you are thinking of starting your college life in a dorm. Living in a dorm while attending college is a great idea because it gives you the chance to step out of your comfort zone. There are also certain aspects of living in a dorm that can make your college experience go smoothly, such as the ease of moving and a shorter commute to class. Here are five surprising reasons to start your college life in a dorm.

Living On Campus

You do not have to worry about the commute when you are living in a dorm. It usually takes just a few minutes to walk from your dorm to your class building. This gives you more time to study and work on your assignments. There are also many colleges that go the extra mile to keep their students safe. Security is posted throughout the campus, and there are some cases when a shuttle provides transportation around your campus. You can rest assured that you are going to get to and from your class efficiently and safely.

Easier To Move

A dorm is usually furnished with essentials such as a bed, desk and dresser, so you do not have to worry about moving furniture into your new place. It is less stressful to move into a dorm when you do not have to pack heavy items or hire movers. You can even purchase snacks, toiletries and decor at a nearby store after you have settled into your dorm. It is also easier to pack up your belongings when you are returning home for a break or moving into your first apartment.

Meet Other Students

The friends you make in college may last a lifetime, and it is going to be easier to meet other students when you are living in a dorm. You are going to have a roommate and neighbors who could become close friends even after your college years. It also gives you the chance to socialize in a way that is not offered through online classes. You are also going to learn that you may not make friends with all your neighbors. However, the experience reminds you of how to be civil and become acquaintances with those around you.

On-Campus Activities

It is easier to attend on-campus activities when you are living in a dorm. A sports game, club meeting or social event is just a short walk from your room. You can even join a study group with classmates after school hours. The on-campus activities also allow you to explore different opportunities that can prepare you for your career and life after college. In addition, you can attend these activities or events without worrying about a commute that cuts into your other plans.

Living On Your Own

Starting your college life in a dorm gives you the opportunity to see what it is like to live on your own. You are going to be sharing your dorm with a roommate, but you are not going to be living at home with a parent or guardian. There is a sense of independence that comes with this new experience. You are learning how to take care of your grocery shopping, chores and homework without having someone over your shoulder to remind you. It prepares you for moving into your first apartment after graduation.

Starting college is an exciting chapter of your life, and you can make the most of this experience by starting college off in a dorm. It gives you the chance to meet new people, work towards your career and prepare for life after college.


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