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5 Cheap Destinations To Visit In Europe

Let’s jump right in on this one. Below you will find 5 Cheap Destinations To Visit in Europe. I went with five instead of 10 so it’s not overwhelming. These would be the top five of 10 anyway.


If you want access to mountains and rivers inland and a Black Sea Coastline, then Bulgaria is the place for you. In regards to the Black Sea Coastline, you specifically want to go to Sunny Beach, which is known as Europe’s cheapest resort destination. You will find water sports, a paintball park, a go-kart track, and a water park. Sunny Beach isn’t just the best value you will find for this kind of setting and entertainment in Bulgaria, but in the entire world.


Italy is known as expensive, but not if you fly into Milan, which has three international airports. From there, use the rail system to go wherever you want on a budget. With this plan, you can visit what is arguably the most beautiful country in Europe at a fraction of the cost. And, yes, you can find affordable accommodations. You won’t receive the same kind of comfort, but adopt an adventurous mindset for this trip and you will be just fine.

When in Italy, some top destinations include Venice, Pompeii, and Rome. Venice is best for romance as you relax with your loved one in a gondola while being rowed down a canal. Pompeii is a completely different experience. This is a city struck by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD. You can see the remains today. And Rome is home to the Colosseum from the Roman Empire. You can explore the arena where gladiators fought, the tunnels, cells, passages, and more.

It’s also highly recommended that you visit the countryside. This is where Italy really shines.


For the best deals on airfare, fly TAP Air Portugal. For accommodations, look at Lisbon and Porto. Both are very affordable and offer beautiful beaches, delicious street food, fine wine, hiking, castles, and more.

It’s a bit of a journey, but you can also take advantage of a volcanic bathing pool and/or climb above the clouds in Madeira. It’s worth the extra effort. Or, if you prefer more excitement, you can go to one of the best beach parties in the world in Lagos.


Most people don’t realize that Spain is an affordable destination in general. Once there, you can enjoy its architecture, cuisine, beaches, and more. If you want to save money on food, go to a bar and order a drink. It will come with generous tapa portions. You can literally live off those tapas. On the other hand, you might end up drinking a lot.

For specific destinations that might blow your mind, go to the Canary Islands; the Royal Palace and Prado Museum in Madrid; and The Alcázar of Segovia in Segovia, which is a breathtaking medieval castle.


Want to see where Game of Thrones was filmed? This is the place. Dubrovnik to be exact. If you watched the show, then you know the scenery was breathtaking. However, Dubrovnik isn’t the only reason to visit Croatia.

You should also strongly consider Zagreb and Split. Visit the former for history and walkability and the latter for the beach. You can also find secluded and pristine waterfalls throughout Croatia. The best part is that Croatia is very affordable in every way.

You can visit all five of these countries and still not pay as much as one expensive resort vacation in the United States. In regards to these five destinations, one isn’t better than the other. It basically comes down to what you want most. Don’t worry though. It would be difficult to choose incorrectly. You’re very likely to win.


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