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4 Effective Techniques for Controlling Your Panic Attack, A Student Guide

Though the college lifestyle can be fun and eventful, many students also find it to be stressful and anxiety-inducing. No matter the type of degree you’re currently seeking, most college subjects will require extensive studying before you are able to fully comprehend the material. It’s also very likely that you will need to complete a significant amount of homework each week, which can take a toll over time.

If you start having difficulty completing your coursework on time, your stress could continue to build until you eventually experience a panic attack, which refers to a sudden and intense episode of anxiety or fear alongside physical symptoms like sweating or a racing heart. Though panic attacks usually last for around 10-15 minutes, it’s possible to control these attacks and reduce the severity of them by using certain techniques. This article offers a guide to four of the more successful techniques for lessening a panic attack.

Relax Your Muscles

Panic attacks are very scary and can make you feel as though there is an immediate danger even when none exist. One highly effective strategy that has proven to help individuals control their panic attack is to relax the muscles. Performing muscle relaxation techniques may put a stop to your panic attack since it allows you to control the response that your body has to this attack. The goal of this technique is to tense each muscle group for a few seconds before you relax the muscles for around 30 seconds. Consider starting with your toes and working your way up.

Understand That You’re Experiencing a Panic Attack

The physical symptoms of a panic attack are very similar to those of a heart attack, which makes people even more anxious than they already are. By recognizing that you’re going through a panic attack and that this attack is only temporary, you should be able to focus on some of the other techniques in this guide that will allow you to control the panic attack.

Exercise Regularly

Panic attacks are a result of heightened anxiety and stress, which means that reducing the stress that you experience can help you keep panic attacks at bay. One of the more notable ways to limit stress is by exercising regularly. Exercise is known to increase body heat, which can directly alter a person’s mood and cognitive function. The slight changes to the brain that occur when exercising can bolster your mood, lessen anxiety, and increase your relaxation.

Take Deep Breaths Via Diaphragmatic Breathing

During a panic attack, it’s recommended that you perform some diaphragmatic breathing, which results in the belly going in and out. Deep breathing usually causes the chest to go up and down. While deep breathing can provide some assistance for individuals who are experiencing a panic attack, diaphragmatic breathing has proven to be far more effective. It’s also important that you take longer to exhale than you do to inhale. You should soon notice that your panic is subsiding.

Panic attacks are frightening and typically only serve to worsen a person’s anxiety. Whether you are worrying about an upcoming exam or are finding your coursework to be too difficult, it’s important that you do what you can to relax and that you’re prepared if ever you experience a panic attack. Since reducing stress can help to lessen the possibility of a panic attack, you should also consider hiring one of our experts to help you with your homework, coursework, or any tests that you’re about to take.


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