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10 Ways to Build Your Online Portfolio For Employment

10 Ways to Build Your Online Portfolio For Employment

For the longest time, most of us are accustomed to sending resumes and cover letters when looking for a job. The practice is still prevalent nowadays, and we don’t think it’s going to be obsolete. However, if you haven’t created an online portfolio yet, this is the best time to start one. With the advent of technology, employers and HR managers tend to look online to do their due diligence. It’s the perfect avenue to showcase more of your abilities, which you cannot simply cram in a traditional resume. 

But what do you need when building a professional portfolio?

Write a Compelling Introduction of Yourself

You can get creative when writing your ‘about me’ section. But of course, it still has to be professional enough for your employers. Apart from stating with who you are and your current job role, you can even include your plans in the future. That way, people will see you as someone with a vision. If possible, include ways on how you plan to achieve your goals. 

Your Best Works Including Case Studies  

Some people think that an online portfolio will only work best for graphic designers, architects, and other artists. However, even accountants, computer programmers, administrative staff, and even chefs are recommended to have a separate portfolio highlighting their past works. 

And to have an impact, do not just randomly publish your previous works. Instead, provide a more in-depth explanation as to how it helped the company you worked for. Case studies and data will surely help. 

For students, you can include the events you organized and other school projects that have received high commendations from your professors. 

Gather all your previous projects and works first. From there, select the best ones that you wish to highlight in your portfolio. Take note that you do not have to include everything. 

Choose the Right Website to Build Your Portfolio 

There are several websites where you can build your free online portfolio. You have Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and Strikingly, to name a few. The good thing about these platforms is that you don’t necessarily need to know how to code. More often than not, they have readily available templates, and all you need is to drag and drop elements to build your online portfolio. 

Add Your Photos at Work

As much as it is tempting to use stock images, we encourage that you personalize your online portfolio by using your actual photos while doing work. These images do not have to be professionally-taken. We understand that as a new job seeker, that’s an impractical move. Fortunately, smartphones can now provide decent images, and all you have to do is edit it a bit, and it should work well on your website.

If there are candid shots while you are working, these are fine to include as well. After all, you might want to show your future employers how fun you can get amidst all the deadlines and reports required from you. It really shows that you can manage and balance your life.

Present Yourself in Videos    

You can also create more engagement if you add videos on your online portfolio. You can either introduce yourself or create tutorials related to your industry. Even without conducting a face-to-face interview just yet, your potential employer will have an idea of how you speak, your views, and how much knowledge you have about your job. 

Write Articles and Add a Blog Page

Speaking of knowledge, you can write posts about your industry and create a separate blog page which can be accessed through your portfolio. This is a better option if you are still not comfortable doing videos. 

Include Testimonials from Professors, Colleagues, and Previous Superiors  

They say that testimonials really have the power to influence one’s decision. Having said that, you might want to ask for testimonials either from your professors, colleagues, and previous bosses. Ask for permission if you can post their photo along with their testimonials. This alone makes it even more credible. 

Add the Logos of the Companies or Organizations You’ve Worked With 

Logos can create a huge impact, most especially if these companies and organizations are highly recognized and respected in the industry. Include these subtly on your online portfolio. It doesn’t have to be huge. Thumbnail-sized logos should do the trick. But make sure to strategically place it in areas where people can easily see it. 

Also, ensure that you are allowed to use the logo. Some companies have strict policies about it, and you might want to get their permission first. 

PDF of Your Latest Resume 

Regularly update your resume most especially if you always attend trainings, conferences, and seminars. Upload it as necessary.  

Links to Your Social Media Accounts 

And lastly, employers appreciate transparency. They would also like to check some of your social media accounts. While in most cases, your personal and professional life should be separated, this gives your employer a quick glance of your general behavior. That said, clear up your social media accounts if there are unnecessary posts, videos, and images. 

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