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10 Outdoor Sports Any Student Can Play On Campus

If you go to college, you see college athletes all the time. They’re sometimes big and an in shape, which can be intimidating, but most of them mind their own business. If they have a big ego, that’s nothing more than insecurity. Just walk on by. What’s unfortunate is that sometimes the rare jock attitude leads to people associating sports with jerks. This isn’t the case at all and can be very stereotypical. Sports aren’t about ego. They’re about movement, competition, and camaraderie. Don’t let others mislead you. When you choose one or more of the sports below, that is your experience, not theirs.

1. Flag Football

We’re starting off a little aggressive here, but if you’ve ever dreamed of playing on a football team but didn’t due to lack of skills, fear of injury, not being allowed to play, or something else, this is your shot. Just keep in mind that you will be running around a lot. This is a game with a lot of space because there are fewer people on the field.

2. Badminton

If you have never played badminton, you’re in for a treat. It’s like tennis but you hit a birdie, otherwise known as a shuttlecock. We’ll stick with birdie. It’s a ton of fun because the birdie floats in the air, which gives you time to run under it and hit it back over the net. However, it’s a deceptive little birdie because even though it looks easy to hit, you can completely misfire. This leads to laughter on both sides. You are competing, but badminton is also about having a good time.

3. Table Tennis

Table tennis is also known as ping-pong. You already know a lot about it, but what you don’t know is that you can improve your table tennis skills quickly. Unlike many other sports, you’re always involved. Therefore, you’re going to develop muscle memory faster. Table tennis will also help your reflexes.

4. Kickball

Everyone can play kickball. You don’t need to hit the batting cage or shag fly balls before the game. And you don’t need any equipment. This is one of the best sports for making fast friends, which relates to when your team is ‘batting’ and you’re all together in a group other than the person who is actually kicking.

5. Racquetball

If you love fast-paced action, this is where you go. When it comes to movement, take tennis and multiply it by three. You’re going to be sweating bullets by the time your done. This is the best option for someone who is looking to relieve stress and feel invigorated when they’re done.

6. Soccer

If you love the game and you love to run, you’re highly likely to find an intramural soccer team. It might be indoors or outdoors. Both are going to allow for a great workout.

7. Basketball

This is one of the most popular intramural sports in college because it’s often three-on-three, which means you form the team with your friends. This way, you know everyone on your team and you’re not going to be intimidated by new teammates who might be amazing players or not nice people. Since these are your friends, you’re going to like your team win or lose.

8. Volleyball

If you have a good vertical, you will be at the net to spike the ball. If you’re not quite that athletic, you will stay back and set the ball. If you’re not good at either, who cares? The best thing about volleyball is the camaraderie. This sport tends to attract good team players. If you mess up, it’s highly unlikely someone will get mad at you. They’re much more likely to support you.

9. Dodgeball

This is for the more aggressive folks, or those who like to live on the edge a little. If you’re aggressive, pick up that ball and throw it at someone on the other side. If you like to live on the edge, move close to the line and dodge the incoming attack. And if you’re defensive-minded, stay toward the middle or back and catch the ball in the air so one of your opponents will be eliminated. Dodgeball is a simple and fun game, but it’s not for the timid.

10. Fishing

Some campuses have ponds or lakes for fishing. This is the ultimate choice for those who want to kick back, unwind, and enjoy a peaceful setting. Fishing is a great stress reliever. The only problem is that it’s addictive. If you get addicted, bring your work.

Don’t over-analyze which sport to play. It’s more about the people and the experience. Excluding fishing, you’re likely to make new friends. Enjoy.

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