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10 Best Electives Every College Student Must Take

When going to college, a large part of your education will be focused on your chosen major. However, all students will need to take additional electives to round out their education. There are ten different elective courses that students should take, which will round out their education.


Taking a marketing course is important as it will teach you the basic principles of marketing and sales. No matter what industry you are in, being able to sell concepts and products is important. This will help you learn how to connect with others to sell your items.

Personal Financial Management

There has been an increases focus on the lack of personal financial management among college graduates. Many colleges today offer electives that can help with this. These courses will help you learn the importance of personal financial management, which can include budgeting, investing, and how to achieve financial goals.

Foreign Language

The world is continuing to become smaller as more people connect with others across the globe. Due to this, being able to communicate with them is important. Knowing a foreign language well can help you to increase your network and could make you more attractive to employers.


The country and world has had a very interesting history. Today, colleges have a variety of different courses that focus on specific periods of time. For those that are interested in our history, taking a course could be a great experience and enhance your knowledge.


One important part of keeping your body healthy is to understand the way nutrition works. These courses will focus on how food and diet interacts with the human body and can impact your health and well being. This could give the knowledge base to live a healthy life.


Knowing the basics of accounting is very important for anyone. In these classes, you will learn more about how to build and review a company’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Even if you do not intend to work in this field, having an understanding of accounting principles will be helpful.

Physical Education

Most colleges offer a certain amount of physical education credits to students. Unfortunately, a lot of students end up neglecting their health in college and do not exercise enough. A physical education course will help you to stay in shape. There are normally many different options to choose from based on your interests.

Computer Science

Using computers is already a part of everyone’e lives. When you take a computer science course, you will learn the basics of computer programming and trouble-shooting. This could provide a lot of value to you when using computers the rest of your life.

Public Speaking

Speaking in public is a fear and stressor for a lot of people. At the same time, being good at it can help to boost a career. When you take a public speaking course, you will gain comfort with it and can be a more effective speaker.

Stress Management

Finally, stress management is a great course to take. Mental health and stress continues to be a concern for millions of people on a daily basis. When you take a stress management course, you can learn coping strategies that can help you to manage this concern. This could help you out while in school and after graduation.

Elective courses are a great way to round out your education. Not only will these help you to learn more, but they may help you to learn more about yourself and redirect your career plans. There are ten great electives that all college students should consider.


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